Our School

Great Falls Middle School is a small but proud school located in the Town of Montague, Massachusetts. Great Falls is steeped in the area’s small-town traditions, and students benefit from small class sizes, caring teachers and staff, and a variety of extra-curricular activities. With all we have going on in and around our school, you’d be surprised by the amount of personalized attention each student receives.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in sports year-round, including ice hockey, swimming, golf, football, and more. We offer after-school tutoring with our highly qualified teachers daily, and a late bus Monday through Thursday will take students home afterwards. Contact us about the many services we provide to ensure the success of every student on our campus.

Code of Conduct

The Middle School code of conduct encourages accountability for one’s behavior and assists students in recognizing the important decisions they must make in learning to become independent and productive members of the school community.

1. Our school-wide goal is to create a safe and positive learning environment.
2. Our school community collectively abides by a statement of beliefs created by the students known as the Social Contract.
3. All school staff treats students with respect while openly maintaining communication with the home.

Middle School Model

The middle school model bridges the gap between elementary school classrooms and the specialized subject-field approach of high school. We believe students making the transition from childhood to adolescence need a special learning environment. This environment should emphasize experiences that foster growth from dependent learners to independent learners.

At Great Falls Middle School, we practice Developmental Designs, which is a way to build a strong community with students by offering community building activities and teaching individual responsibility in a community. Developmental Designs recognizes the students’ physical, emotional, social, and academic needs. We strive to foster students’ self-direction, motivation, and the development of educational skills and abilities.

Great Falls Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Great Falls Middle School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging environment, thus empowering students to develop and recognize their value and place in the global community.