Guidance Counseling

(1)    Guidance Counseling for Students:


Hi there! Welcome to Ms. Jones’ Guidance Counseling webpage. I am here to empower all students, families, and educators at Great Falls Middle School (GFMS). I can be a resource who helps with: mental health wellness, organization and communication skills, career plans, problem-solving, decision-making, and more!


I’ve invited all middle school students to a GFMS Guidance Counseling Google Classroom. Please reach out to one of your teachers or me through email if you are having trouble finding this space.


Also feel free to check out my Virtual Bitmoji Guidance Counseling Office HERE too.


Given the move to online learning, I am using a combination of phone calls and Google Classroom / Google Meet technology to check-in remotely.


You can fill out a quick Google Form HERE to request a meeting (this is also posted on the GFMS Guidance Counseling Google Classroom that you have access to). I will then reach out through an assignment for you on the Great Falls Middle School Google Classroom to privately schedule time to meet.

Please note there are limitations to confidentiality when we meet online or over the phone. I will use headphones with a microphone during these check-in’s and recommend you do as well if you are able to. Identifying a separate space or private room is also important.


Lindsay Jones, Great Falls Middle School Guidance Counselor


Phone: (413) 863-7320

Preferred Pronouns: She / Her / Hers