Changes to GFMS/TFHS Speech & Language Services

Dear Families,

I am writing to inform you of a number of changes in speech & language services at Great Falls Middle School/Turners Falls High School. This notice is also being mailed out to affected student families. 

Cassie Holmes, our SLP-A for the past two years is following her passion and continuing her wonderful services to our students and school community, in the role of our Life Skills & Transition teacher at Turners Falls High School. She was the teacher for our summer program and has continued to shine as we have started off the new school year.

Kimberly Pouliot, our part time SLP-A for the past 5 years for primarily Gill Elementary School, has moved into a full time role, effective 9/11/23. She will now be splitting her time between Gill School and GFMS/TFHS. Ms. Pouliot, is excited about her expanded role and looks forward to working with secondary students. Given caseload adjustments, Jasmine Smith, SLP-CCC, will shift out of her supervision role of Ms. Pouliot, after 9/20/23, when we expect a part time veteran Speech & Language Pathologist, Ms. Debra Lanou, to take over the caseload supervision of Ms. Pouliot.

Lastly, I am excited to share that Jasmine Smith, will be providing weekly Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) consultation, programming, and therapy support and at our secondary building for select students. In some cases, through the IEP team process, we may propose shifting from direct language pull out services to more of a language consult model, so that all members of a student’s team are supporting communication and language goals throughout the school day.

Given these changes in personnel, that included the need to secure and hire an additional licensed supervisor, we recognize that our secondary students have missed IEP speech & language services for the first 11 days of the school year. To the extent possible, we seek to minimize or make up for missed services. If you have concerns about your student’s speech & language services, you are welcome to contact my office by calling 413 863-7508.


Dianne Ellis
Pupil Services Director