Facilities Management

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The Gill-Montague School District Facilities Management Department provides facilities support for the daily activities and operations of our school district buildings, grounds, sanitation and safety.  We strive to ensure a safe, healthy environment for students, staff, and our community. Our department's ultimate goal is to provide a level of service that is above and beyond the expectations of the community, and to set the example of what a school district Facilities Department should be.


Building Maintenance Work Order System

The Facilities Department uses a web-based system for all building repairs, requests and projects. The types of work that can be submitted through this system can range from doors not working properly, to furniture moves or pestmangement requests- anything that is needed within the district (minus those requests for Information Technology).  This system allows the facilities department to track repairs & performance for each building, as well as manage and allocate resources depending upon urgency.

Only approved district personnel may submit work orders. If you are unable to log in, please contact your building main office or administrator. Work orders that are incomplete or unclear may not be assigned and/or could be declined.




Requests should be separated by individual work needs (i.e. a carpentry and a plumbing request for a room within a school submitted by the same user should still be separated into two separate requests). 


Our work order system is categorized by the following ranking system. Staff should be mindful of the ranking level they are submitting work orders in based on the urgency of the request:

  • LOW-  The work requested does not have an immedaite impact on the function of the school and can be done once other higher priority requests do not take precedence


  • MEDIUM- The work requested needs to be done soon, but can be delayed slightly based on other higher priority work


  • HIGH- This work is of the utmost importance and should be taken care of as soon as possible


  • URGENT- Reserved for emergency/urgent work and will trigger text message alerts to Facilities staff to drop what they are doing and respond (Safety, Security, Fire Code, Broken Pipes, etc.). This category must be accompanied by a radio call, phone call or other means of urgent communication and should not be the only means of reporting such an issue.


Please note: The work order system is maintaned several times throughout the day but should not be the sole means to report emergency repairs & requests.



Authorized employees may access the work order system HERE.




For Emergency Facility Service

For urgent service involving any health and safety matters, or issues that require an immediate response please contact maintenance via radio for immediate assistance.

You may also attempt the following numbers:

(413)-863-3261     (Facility Director Office- General Business Matters)

(413)-376-5366     (Cell- Urgent/ Emergency Matters ONLY- please)


Facility Rentals

We encourage our community to enjoy the use of school property and encourage our community groups and organizations to rent our facilities for worthy educational, civic, or charitable purposes. Forms can be found on the left side of this page to rent our facilities.  Please complete the form and forward to the appropriate school Principal directly to begin the approval process.